Hygienic Pipe Hangers for Stainless Steel & Copper Tube, Pipe, Instrumentation Lines and Conduits

Syntiro Dynamics , llc

A manufacture of top quality sanitary pipe hangers for supporting stainless steel and copper tube, schedule pipe, electrical conduit and instrumentation lines in high purity applications

Zero Weld Assemblies

Syntiro’s recently patented sanitary pipe hangers, the Zero Weld Anchor Mounted Stand Off, Figure ZWAMSO, eliminates the high cost of welding, grinding and polishing both shop or field welds. The ZWAMSO solves the difficulties of mounting stainless steel tube, pipe or conduit to blindside walls, corrugated walls, stainless steel sheet metal, panels and machinery. The clean design allows the mounting of zero weld brackets to most sanitary surfaces including skid frames or structural beams. The ZWAMSO pipe hanging bracket system is ideal for, but not limited to, service in Bio Technology, Pharmaceutical, Semi-Conductor, Food, Beverage and Dairy industry’s process areas. The sanitary stainless steel pipe hangers bracket’s mounting cups combined with the silicone ring’s encase and seal the low-cost and quick installation rivet anchoring nuts. If the backside of the mounting structure is open, with access, a bolt can replace the anchoring rivet nut. The stock bracket offers a 1” space between the mounting surface and the bracket’s underside. The bracket’s legs can be extended to increase the stand-offs length by up to 6”.
Eliminating the high labor rate of welding, grinding and polishing the welds needed to mount the traditional hanger’s bottom plates, rod mounting plates or rods. An installer with a cordless drill and a $10.00 manual rivet wrench can efficiently install a ZWAMSO sanitary pipe hanging bracket. Due to limited welding requirements, many contractors don’t employ certified welders. The best option is often leasing a welder from another on-site contractor. Leased services rates are high and often inefficient.
Most rivet anchoring nuts have a load rating greater than 600 pounds. A properly spaced hanger supporting a 3” OD tube, spaced every 10.5 feet, that’s filled with water and wrapped in insulation weighs roughly 64 pounds. The Zero Weld Anchor Mounted Stand Off offers a considerable safety load factor. Please contact Syntiro www.syntirocorp.com with any questions.
This robust unique sanitary pipe hanging zero weld assemblies, Figure ZWAMSO, brackets create a positive seamless seal with zero harboring points.

Zero Weld Anchor Direct Mounted