Hygienic Pipe Hangers for Stainless Steel & Copper Tube, Pipe, Instrumentation Lines and Conduits

Syntiro Dynamics , llc

A manufacture of top quality sanitary pipe hangers for supporting stainless steel and copper tube, schedule pipe, electrical conduit and instrumentation lines in high purity applications

Conduit Stainless Steel Pipe Hanger

  • PVC Coated Pipe & EMT Conduits


Molded silicone insert’s supports both PVC Coated Pipe & Electrical Metallic Tubing EMT conduit’s uncommon outside diameter’s. These pipe hangers are designed specifically for use in Bio Technology, Pharmaceutical, Food, Beverage and Dairy areas. Having no exposed threads, no crevices and a geometry that facilitates drainabilty and cleanability makes these hangers ideal for use in hygienic areas.
PVC coated conduit pipe hangers

PVC Coated Pipe / Conduit Hangers

Uni-Hinge Silicone Insert

Uni-Hinge Silicone Insert

  • Electrical Metallic Tubing EMT Thin-Wall Conduit