Hygienic Pipe Hangers for Stainless Steel & Copper Tube, Pipe, Instrumentation Lines and Conduits

Syntiro Dynamics , llc

A manufacture of top quality sanitary pipe hangers for supporting stainless steel and copper tube, schedule pipe, electrical conduit and instrumentation lines in high purity applications

CSD Hanger

The CSD Clean Zone series of sanitary stainless steel pipe hangers are the staple of Syntiro’s line of hygienic pipe hangers. The CSD hangers are most often utilized, but not limited to use in: biotech, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, beverage and dairy businesses hygienic process applications. The CSD pipe hanger’s support: BPE stainless steel tube, schedule pipe, PVC coated pipe conduit, Electro Metallic Tube EMT conduit, copper tube, instrumentation, cables, cords and gas lines. Syntiro boasts having the complete line of cleanroom pipe hanger. The universal and comprehensive range of the CSD allows designers to incorporate one style of hanger on a skid or throughout a plant. The CSD’s limited flat surfaces offer a drainable and cleanable design as recommended in ASME BPE’s Sterility of Design’s section SD-

The CSD Series can incorporate:

  • Newly patented Zero Puddle inserts/grommets. A convex-shaped insert/grommet eliminates topside flat surfaces on riser/vertical lines. This feature diverts liquids to edge of the hanger.
  • Recently patented Zero Weld Stand Offs – Figure ZWAMSO solves the problem of mounting pipe hangers to blindside walls or panels. In the past, an installer needed to be a welder or employee a welder to mount these hangers. To install a ZWAMSO bracket, all that’s needed is a cordless drill, rivet nuts and a $10.00 rivet nut wrench. So, lower labour rates and faster installation times and a hygienic drainable cleanable seal, big savings.
  • The Small OD Dual & Quads Bundled lines supporting 1/4” thru 1/2” lines in grouped single mount systems. One mount can support 2 to 16 lines. All with evenly spaced centerlines lines designed for quick and precise washes and wipe downs.

The CSD’s robust design with numerous mounting options creates a universal look of proven and trusted pipe hangers. The success of the CSD line of hanger is a large part of Syntiro becoming a worldwide leading supplier of Sanitary (Hygienic) Pipe Hanger Systems.



Hang Mount

Pipe Hanger


Weld Mount

Pipe Hanger


Base Mount


Vertical Rod Mount

Pipe Hanger


Horizontal Rod Mount


  • Cast Hanger Mount Figure CSDH