Hygienic Pipe Hangers for Stainless Steel & Copper Tube, Pipe, Instrumentation Lines and Conduits

Syntiro Dynamics , llc

A manufacture of top quality sanitary pipe hangers for supporting stainless steel and copper tube, schedule pipe, electrical conduit and instrumentation lines in high purity applications

Process Hex Hanger

Syntiro’s NEW Process Hex Hanger’s, Figure PHH, sanitary drainable and cleanable design brings the common installed hex style tube and pipe hanger into the cleanliness requirements of the 21st century. The truth is, installing the competing antiquated hex pipe hanger on your equipment or in your plant is allowing exposed threads and harbor points into a sanitary environment. Outside of the increased potential for contamination, added labor is required to sanitize the antiquated stainless steel hex pipe hangers. Tightening the debris harboring hex pipe hanger’s nuts and bolts requires two hands and two wrenches. This is a potential safety risk for elevated installations and annoyances in tight spaces.
A key feature of the Process Hex Pipe Hanger is the use of carriage bolts and acorn nuts.
  • As the acorn nut is tightened, the square shank under the rounded head pulls into the hardware frame’s square hole. This prevents the bolt from turning.
  • The carriage bolt’s smooth rounded head facilitates cleanability.
  • The carriage bolt’s mobility allows it to always be on the hangers topside.
  • The acorn nuts dome encases protruding threads.
  • A unique installation trick is to temporarily apply tape over the carriage bolt’s head and hardware frame. The tape holds the carriage bolt in place until the acorn nut has been fastened. This procedure is used on elevated lines or in tight spaces.
  • Besides the obvious of eliminating debris collecting exposed threads. The Process Hex Hanger’s limited loose parts and the one hand one tool fastening increase the speed of installation, it’s also the safer process.

Unique to Syntiro’s hangers, our patented riser/vertical line “Zero Puddle” feature eliminates topside flat surfaces, allowing liquid to drain to the hanger’s edge. The inserts/grommets are made of a high-temperature resistant FDA approved silicone. The PHH assemblies are offered as anchors and guides. A loose fit guide allows the tube to freely expand and contract during thermal cycling. The Process Hex Hanger’s hardware is available in type 304 stainless steel and types 316 stainless steel. These features validate the PHH’s compliance with ASME/BPE’s hygienic support systems requirements listed in section SD-