Hygienic Pipe Hangers for Stainless Steel & Copper Tube, Pipe, Instrumentation Lines and Conduits

Syntiro Dynamics , llc

A manufacture of top quality sanitary pipe hangers for supporting stainless steel and copper tube, schedule pipe, electrical conduit and instrumentation lines in high purity applications

Syntiro Sanitary Pipe Hanger

Cast Base Mount
Cast Base MountFigure CSDBM
Cast Weld Mount
Cast Weld MountFigure CSDW
Cast Sanitary hex pipe hanger Mount
Cast Hanger Mount Figure CSDH

In 6 years, Syntiro has become a worldwide leading supplier of sanitary pipe hanger systems. We boast having the most complete line of cleanroom pipe hangers. Our pipe hanger’s support: BPE style stainless steel and copper tubing, schedule pipe, PVC coated pipe and Electro Metallic Tube EMT conduits, instrumentation, cable and gas lines. Our line of hangers has expanded to the CSD Clean Zone Hangers, Process Hex Hangers and Zero Weld Mount Hangers. The CSD Clean Zone Hanger with its robust design and numerous mounting options has been the staple of our product line. The CSD can incorporate our newly patented Zero Puddle inserts/grommets. Its convex shape eliminates topside flat surfaces on riser/vertical lines. Also, our recently patented Zero Weld Stand Offs – Figure ZWAMSO solves the issue of mounting pipe hangers to blind side walls or panels. In the past, an installer would need to be a welder or pay a welder to mount these hangers. An installer only needs a cordless drill, rivet nuts and a wrench to install a ZWAMSO. This is huge benefit with reduction in labor costs, time all with increased cleanliness.

Our NEW Process Hex Hanger, Figure PHH’s sanitary design brings the familiar hex hanger design into the cleanliness requirements of the 21st century. The truth is, installing the competing antiquated hex pipe hanger on your equipment or in your plant, is willing permitting exposed threads and debris collecting harbor points into a sanitary environment. Not only does it take extra labor to clean the antiquated hex hanger, it’s installation requires two wrenches/two hands. This creates a safety risk on all elevated installations and a headache in tight areas. The Process Hex Hanger with its limited parts and one tool/one hand assembly is not only more efficient, it’s also safer.
This style hangers are most often utilized in bio-tech, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and dairy industries hygienic applications.